ABC and FAQ on floating

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THE ENVIRONMENT inside the float tank is about 2.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters high, with 30cm of very salty water on the bottom. Both the water and air are at skin temperature. The tank is a sensory-input-free environment where the body soaks in salt water for a complete rest and where the mind naturally strives towards meditative space.

Each booking is for 90 minutes, which allows for 60 minutes in the tank. There are currently three float tanks at Float Kallio. Float Kallio's Dreampod float tanks are the highest quality and most advanced in Finland.



  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduces stress

  • Strengthens creativity, learning and memory

  • Helps insomnia and improves sleep patterns

  • Enhances concentration

  • Helps alleviate and eliminate physical pain

  • Reduces the feeling of burn-out, anxiety and depression

  • Accelerates recovery from sports performance

  • Assists and guides the meditative state



How early should I arrive for my session? For the first time, it is good to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the appointment. Ring the doorbell and staff will unlock the gate, then they’ll open the door for you to enter through.

Can I float with a friend or in a group? Float Kallio has the largest floating center in Finland with three float tanks. All sessions start at the same time for each tank so you can come with your buddy and float simultaneously. Just remember to book your own tank for each float. We also accept larger groups and we can tailor packages that suit your needs.

How do I prepare? We recommend eating lightly before floating. Also, it is best to avoid caffeine for several hours before your session. Coffee and tea are available right after the float. Also, shaving before the float should be avoided as Epsom salt may cause burning.

Is the tank cramped? This is the most common question we have. Don’t worry, the tank is spacious and airy. The lid is light and you can leave it open if you like. You can also leave the tank light on or listen to music throughout the floating period.

How do you keep the tanks clean?  Between every session, the pod water is filtered through the cleaning system and disinfected by UV radiation. In addition, water purity values are monitored with continuous tests.

What if I dyed my hair recently? For both your hair and the tank it is best that the colour does not run anymore when it’s wet. We recommend 2 weeks between hair dyeing and floating.

I just got a new tattoo, can I float? The tattoo needs to be fully healed before you can float. This is best for both tank and tattoo.

What do I need to bring with me?  You do not have to bring anything but yourself, everything else has been taken care of. There are towels and soaps in the room with you and after floating you can use Evolve's cosmetics. In our restoration room you will also find a hair brush, a hair dryer and a conditioner.

Is there a “right” way to float?  Not at all! Getting used to the environment can take time, but everyone finds the right way soon enough.

Can I float for longer than 60 minutes? If you want to float for longer than 60 minutes, you can float on weekdays at 7:00 am and in the last hours of each night, if you prefer 60-90 minutes at no extra charge. Just remember to ask us for a longer float when you arrive.

What if I wear contact lenses?  We recommend floating without contact lenses, so bring along your lenses with the necessary storage.

Can pregnant women float? Yes, they can. As a rule of thumb, if you can go to the swimming pool, you can also float. However, we recommend that you always consult your doctor.

What's the difference between the different float rooms?  All our floating rooms are alike. Each room has its own tank, shower and dressing facilities. The door of the room is locked from the inside, which ensures privacy. The black room features a black tank, however apart from the colour it is identical to the other tanks.